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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day of School Means Lots of Smiles!

I visited each school (and bus garage) today, and felt positive energy as soon as my feet hit the school grounds.
What a great idea! Taking a picture each year in front of the sign. I wonder how tall they will grow in the years to come? Will they reach the top of the sign? 

Here are some grandparents that met their granddaughter when she came off the bus at her school. They were so proud of her, and she looks absolutely delighted.

I was so pleased with the kindness of our drivers who exhibited patience and understanding with our little ones. (Even when the kindergarteners chose NOT to talk!) One of our principals, Mr. LeClaire had to squat way down to meet some of his students. They beamed up at him when he said, "Welcome to school! I am your new principal"

I did not get pictures from each building, but I noticed how our aides, teachers, assistants, secretaries, custodians, cooks, and principals took time to smile and talk with our students. I hope the first day back was a great experience for everyone!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Students and Parents Take Advantage of School Open Houses

I visited Webster, Soo Hill, the Escanaba Student Success Center, and Lemmer last night. It was great to see so many students greeting their teachers and visiting classrooms. I was also happy to see parents mingling together, have discussions with their child's new teacher; as well as learning about opportunities at each school!

Parents and students heading to classrooms at Lemmer.

Indian Education Table, hosted by Mrs. Gail Rice!

Checking out a kindergarten classroom at Soo Hill School.

Parents and students visiting a Lemmer classroom.

Principal, Craig LeClaire welcomes a new kindergarten student to Webster.

Soo Hill had a table where parents and kids could order Husky wear!

A special table was set up in the gym at Webster for parents and students to learn about Title I services. A really cute puppet (hard to see in this picture) lured many students to visit this station.

The PTO at Webster created a balloon booth which drew parents to their table. Parents were able to learn about opportunities for involvement at the school. 

One of my favorite things I observed yesterday: Webster School's Parent-Volunteer Coordinator, Becky Leisenring, had a super idea to make a Bingo game/scavenger hunt for students when they came through the front door. Students had to "find" different things in the school (Example: Meet the school secretary, Meet Mr. LeClaire....) and got stickers for each place they visited. Completed cards were turned in. One card will be drawn, and the lucky winner will get a backpack full of school supplies. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Math Fun? REALLY?!

Is it even possible that math can be fun? Escanaba Area Public Schools’ Kindergarten through 5th grade classrooms are implementing a brand new math program that is designed to help each student become problem-solvers, AND have fun doing it! 

Our approach is for students to investigate, share, and to use the processes in math that make sense.  This approach will blend nicely into what students will expect at the later grades, when they will be able to participate in Robotics as well as other science, technology, engineering and mathematics opportunities.

 Many thanks to our teachers and principals who have worked together to bring this new curriculum to our children. I am so proud of this team, who have invested so much time and effort to this important work. Thank you teachers! Thank you principals! I am so excited for our students who will have this amazing opportunity!!

Teachers Learning About the Five Dimensions of Teaching

Learning foundational ideas for great instruction...350 teachers from the region are gathering for collective learning on how to strengthen their practices. Great day!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Today Escanaba hosted its second major First Robotics event. It was great to see so many people in our community come out to support our students, as well as students who hailed from other teams. Not only is this program outstanding for inspiring students' problem-solving and innovative skills, it is a chance for students to work together in groups! This is education at its best and I am so proud that we have had amazing teachers, principals, and volunteers in our schools leading our students along this path. I am also very thankful for the Delta County Chamber of Commerce as well as the various businesses who have supported not only this event, but the student teams as well. How wonderful it is that we have professionals in the engineering field working with our kids elbow to elbow! Thanks everyone!
Robomo Mentors

VIP's--thank you for your support!

The arena...

Our own Robomos!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Group Effort Provides Supplemental Food for Students Over Spring Break

A partnership with the Community Foundation of Delta County, the Elks, and the GFWC has helped to provide funding for our school district to provide supplemental food over the Christmas/New Year's holiday break as well as over the upcoming Spring Break. Our school social workers, teachers, and principals identified 119 students who would benefit from this assistance. The Food Service Department, led by Nancy LaFave, organized the food and packed it up in boxes for families to pick up at their students' respective schools. We know that many of our students depend upon our school breakfast and lunch programs, and these long breaks sometimes prove to be a challenge. Last summer, we also launched a "Summer Feeding Program" at the Upper Elementary. This program, at no cost to the district, provided "free lunches" to any student (K-12) who showed up on Monday-Friday for 8 weeks last summer. We intend on running the program again this summer, and additionally hope to provide a "mobile" lunch at the high school site. Thank you to everyone who has made this effort such a success!
Here are some pictures of our team packing food for students to utilize over spring break:

Monday, February 2, 2015

No School on Monday, February 2, 2015

Due to the power outage in the Escanaba Area, there will be NO SCHOOL today. Our alert system is also down and so please pass the word! Thanks!
Michele Lemire